Marketing and Planning Direction

R&R Creative offers a variety of guidance for your ongoing business needs…

Benchmarking Guidance

A good strategic plan is the GPS of the business world, but getting from planning to implementation can incur a few bumps and detours.  And, as you’re busy concentrating on the day-to-day tasks and pop-up needs your business requires, those goals that were set during the planning process go by the wayside.

Not to worry, R&R Creative can act as your alarm clock and benchmarking assistant. Retain R&R Creative following your planning process to check in on progress and assist in any course correction needed along the way.

Fractional Marketing Direction

When you’re between hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer and outsourcing all of your marketing needs, you may be ready for R&R Creative’s Fractional Marketing Direction services:

  • A Fractional Marketing Director is a key business partner who provides strategic marketing support for a business on a less than full-time basis.
  • Get the personalized-attention of a highly qualified marketing professional and the resources of a marketing firm for a the fraction of the cost.

This is a great solution if you have a marketing manager or coordinator on staff (or an awesome team of administrators and interns!) who need the direction and strategy of a high-level marketer.